First Congressional District Opponents Clash on 2nd Amendment Rights

2/17/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The candidates in Maine’s First Congressional District have very different responses to this week’s tragic mass murder at a school in Parkland, Florida,

Democrat Rep. Chellie Pingree wasted no time politicizing the issue. Rep. Pingree went on a Twitter tirade demanding to steal American’s Second Amendment rights as a knee-jerk reaction to the school shooting.

She said she was ashamed to part of a Congress not taking action to stop these violent attacks. She then put all the blame on Republicans, suggesting Democrats have done all they could — including a publicity stunt sit-in.

Rep. Pingree went on to list several other shooting scenes and said the common denominator was a firearm. She failed to mention the other common denominator, they all happened in gun free zones.

The Resist Representative concluded, tweeting:

“There’s no one solution to stopping mass shooting and other forms of gun violence in America—but strengthening background checks and restricting the sales of the most violent weapons and their accessories represent the lowest of the low-hanging fruit.”

Rep. Pingree’s opponent in the 2018 Midterms, Republican Dr. Mark Holbrook, took offense to Rep. Pingree’s tactic of not letting a tragedy go to waste (as Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would say).

Dr. Holbrook called Rep. Pingree’s tirade a “despicably underhanded tactic straight out of the socialist’s handbook.”

Republican 1st Congressional District Candidate, Dr. Mark Holbrook with President Donald Trump.

Dr. Holbrook is a 12-year law enforcement veteran with two year’s experience on a psychiatric unit of a super-maximum security prison. He also currently provides pro-bono mental health services. He’s spent years working in non-profits dealing with mental health. And he’s a former volunteer firefighter.

“I am an expert on violence, aggression and threat assessment,” Dr. Holbrook said. “I can tell you the only reasonable way to mitigate the possibility of a sadistic psychopath committing another school shooting is to train and arm members of school staff.

Dr. Holbrook continued, pointing to a recent example to back up his assertion.

“As trite as the saying is, it is no less true, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is by a good guy with a gun,” Dr. Holbrook said. “We need look no further than Southerland Springs, TX just a few months ago as the perfect example of how a good guy with a gun was able to save lives and mitigate a large-scale slaughter.”

Dr. Holbrook supports the elimination of so-called “gun free zones.” In fact, he believes they’re more accurately described as “free fire zones” for criminals.

Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in the country.

In the first 33 days of 2018 (most recent numbers available), there were already 249 shooting victims in the Windy City. That’s 7.5 victims every day — or about one every three hours!

In 2017, 650 people were killed by someone with a gun. That’s more than 1.75 every day of the year. And the number was looking like it would be much higher the first half of the year. However, Chicago police credit new crime-fighting technology they acquired the second half of 2017 for lowering the loss of lives.

It was not new gun-grabbing laws that caused the decrease. It was new technology.

Rep. Pingree is right about one thing; there is no easy answer to solving the problem of mass shootings. There are many potential contributing factors:

  • Mental health concerns;
  • Glorification of violence in the media;
  • Overprescription of mood-altering drugs to young boys;
  • The PC, thought-police mentality that anyone who disagrees with you is evil,
  • Disarming law-abiding citizens,
  • Creating “zones” where criminals know they’re the only ones with a weapon.

The list of possible factors goes on and on.

However, Rep. Pingree’s only solution is to create more laws limiting who can own a gun. Which begs the question, if a would-be killer isn’t deterred by the stringent penalties for committing murder — why would that same person be dissuaded by fears of an illegal firearm possession charge?

  • Dr. Holbrook is exactly the type of person who belongs in DC to represent the people of ME, not some Leftie lackey such as Chellie Pinhead.

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