Far-Left Celebrates Threat Against Wife of Donald Trump Jr.

2/13/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The wife of Donald Trump Jr. was rushed to a New York emergency room early Monday following an anthrax scare.

Fortunately, the incident turned out to be a hoax, and Vanessa Trump and the rest of the Trump Jr. family are doing just fine.

Along with scaring the entire Trump family, the hoax cost taxpayers, as the New York Fire Department, New York Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit, Intelligence Bureau, a hazmat team, the Secret Service, an FBI team and the Department of Environmental Protection all responded to the scene.

An investigation found cornstarch, not anthrax.

Around 10 am Monday morning, Vanessa Trump opened an envelope to find a suspicious white powder inside. An ambulance immidiately raced her to the hospital for examination.

While the Trump family is celebrating Vanessa’s well being, the incident brought Leftist out of the woodwork to celebrate the attack, mock the victim and remorse that it was only a hoax.

Infowars has tracked many of the Left’s vile comments on twitter.

Along with regretting it wasn’t really anthrax, and it wasn’t Donald Jr. opening the envelope — many on the Lefts speculated the incident was nothing more than a coverup of a cocaine overdose. Still others suggested the entire event was staged in a ploy to get sympathy. There was no shortage of crase and unfunny jokes.

The envelope was sent to the Vanessa Trump’s mother’s home in Manhattan. It was postmarked from Boston. The Secret Service and police are investigating.

Donald Jr. summed up the incident in a tweet Monday:

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