“Emergency Bill” Withdrawn Without Ever Being Drafted

2/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Democrat Rep. Erin Herbig has withdrawn her supposed “emergency bill” to support small manufacturers in the state of Maine.

Rep. Herbig never drafted the “emergency bill” beyond the one-sentence summary.

This bill was one in a series of friendly sounding bills Rep. Herbig introduced to the Legislative Council as “emergency bills.”

According to the Maine Constitution: “…The business of the second regular session of the Legislature shall be limited to budgetary matters; legislation in the Governor’s call; legislation of an emergency nature admitted by the Legislature.”

“Emergency” is defined as: “…Only such measures as are immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety.”

The Herbig bills appear to have been intended only to pad her resume ahead of a State Senate run this election cycle.

Rep. Herbig of Belfast is running for the seat currently held by Senate President and RINO Gubernatorial candidate, Michael Thibodeau.

The Legislative Council was heavily criticized for advancing many pieces of legislation that did not fit the definition of an emergency. In order to advance the Herbig bills, at least one Republican had to sign off on each of the bills.

You can read more about the Legislative Council controversy by clicking here.

The fact the bill was never drafted beyond a one-sentence summary is further evidence the bill never met the status of an “emergency bill.”


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