Boycotting the Big Game

2/4/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The big game is upon us. And once again the New England Patriots are representing the AFC in the NFL’s championship game.

It’s an American tradition to enjoy the final game of the NFL post-season with friends, family, snacks and brews. Last year, more than 111-Million viewers witnessed the Patriots win yet another title. However, this year, there may be far fewer fans partaking in the festivities.

Former Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick attempted to make a statement in his fledgling career by kneeling for the National Anthem. The Fake News outlets throughout the country painted the cops-as-pigs sock wearing QB’s “protest” against “racial injustice” as a badge of courage. Meanwhile, many Americans look at it as a slap in the face.

Noticing the attention Kaepernick was receiving; other players joined in disrespecting our country.

President Donald Trump weighed in saying if he owned a team, he’d fire any players who didn’t stand for the National Anthem. He went on to suggest Americans consider boycotting teams who protest the Anthem.

NFL players seemed to take offense to the President standing up for the United States. Team-after-team protested the Star Spangled Banner with various displays.

And fans reacted too. By doing exactly what President Trump suggested, boycotting the NFL.

Ratings dipped significantly. Attendance dropped noticeably. And videos of fans burning their NFL merchandise went viral.

Ratings for the entire season were down nearly 10%. That’s a loss of 1.6-Million viewers.

Teams sold half-million fewer tickets this season compared to last. That number does not reflect actual attendance, but ticket sales. Many fans decided not to show up to games despite owning a ticket. Pictures, like the one below, of half-empty stadiums, surfaced throughout the season.


Meanwhile, fans aren’t buying nearly as much gear from their favorite teams. Merchandise sales are down around 20%.

And videos like the one below became commonplace, as fans illustrated their disgust with the league.

WATCH: Daughter of fallen Navy Sailor delivers powerful monologue on anthem protests, and then burns her Green Bay Packers gear.#StandForOurAnthem

Posted by Maine First Media on Thursday, September 28, 2017


The NFL’s core audience is males aged 18-49. Four years ago, 75% of men in that age group said they CLOSELY followed the NFL. Fast-forward to today, that number stands at only 51%.

According to a Yahoo Finance poll of NFL customers, 77% did not approve of the Anthem protests. 62% were watching less NFL football. 36% were buying less NFL merchandise. And 32% weren’t going to games they otherwise would have.

Things are so bleak for the National Football League, World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon, has announced the relaunched of his once-failed competitor, the XFL.

Maine-First advocacy group, New England Opportunity Project weighed in on the XFL project, suggesting McMahon would be wise to capitalize on the NFL’s mistakes by branding his league in patriotic ways.

New England and Philadelphia will square off in this year’s final game of the season. The New England area and the City of Brotherly Love were both instrumental in the American Revolution are both filled with so much rich American history. It’s a shame players from both teams have displayed such disrespect for the country that enables them to become wealthy for playing a game.

Sunday’s big game will no doubt still draw a lofty rating. Attending Super Bowl parties is almost a social contract. A gathering of friends enjoying each other’s company as much as the sporting event itself. Non-traditional fans tune in to watch the halftime show. The commercials are just as big of a deal as the game itself.

However, the rating will very likely be down from prior years as many Americans continue to boycott the NFL.

Someone will have to tell this author who wins because I won’t be watching.

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