Ben Chin Tweets (then Deletes) Endorsement of Hacking Attack Against Maine First Media

2/1/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,


Former Lewiston Mayoral candidate, Ben Chin displayed some curious tweet timing regarding the recent hack of Maine First Media.

Chin, who is the Political Engagement Director of the Marxist Pedophile Authority (otherwise known as the Maine People’s Alliance) posted th tweet pictured above very close to the time of the hack.

While we have not been able to pin down an exact time the hacker broke into our system, we do know it was sometime around 7 pm last Friday night.

You’ll notice Chin’s tweet posted at 7:19 pm Friday.

In fact, Chin noticed the hack before we did!

Also curious is the fact that Chin deleted his tweet shortly after we posted our story about the hack.

We publicly posed the following question to Chin:

He has not replied as of the time of this posting.

But the timing — and subsequent hiding — of the tweet, along with his endorsement of the illegal hacking and destruction of personal property begs the questions, does Chin and/or MPA have any ties to the hacktivist group Anonymous?

This is yet another in a long line of Chin controversies.

Chin’s endorsement of the Maine First Media hack while using the anonymous symbol is ironic given his recent attacks on digital news sites with anonymous authors.

It should be pointed out the Maine Beacon — a product of Chin’s MPA — also uses anonymous authors on occasion.

Maine First Media has not yet detected who hacked our site. We are not accusing Chin of being behind the cyber-attack. However, the timing of his now-deleted tweet and his endorsement of the criminal act are both curious and disturbing.

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