Social Media Scandal: Twitter “Shadow Banning” to Silence Pro-Trump Speech

1/12/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

A new undercover report from Project Veritas has unearthed a disturbing practice Twitter is using to remove pro-Trump and conservative content from the platform.

Maine First Media has included the video above. It’s about 15 minutes long but well worth watching!

Through “shadow banning” Twitter is dictating the national conversation.

Shadow banning makes it so users believe their account is active and working properly. But in reality, your content is not being seen.

Undercover reporters from Project Veritas spoke with several Twitter engineers who explained two levels of bias surveillance Twitter employs.

First is a basic human checkpoint system. A reviewer will look over your content and decide if you are worthy of being part of the community. If not, your account is sent for a second opinion, and if the second reviewer agrees, you’re gone. The engineer they spoke with specifically pointed to this happening to Trump supporters.

The second method is more complicated. It involves using algorithms to weed out tweets and Twitter accounts that don’t go along with the Leftist PC-thought police way of thinking.

Through a system of filters, Twitter searches for keywords like, “guns,” “God,” “America,” “conservative,” or “Trump.” As one of the engineers described it, descriptions of a “red neck.”

And if you check enough of their boxes, Twitter will deem you “a bot from Russia,” and shadow ban your account. Because, of course, only a Russian bot could possibly believe in God or the Second Amendment or American pride or have voted for President Donald Trump.

Twitter also has other methods of thought discrimination. For example, the verification system.

Twitter uses blue check marks for the most popular accounts. The verification is intended to ensure users they’re following the real McCoy.

However, Twitter will remove blue checkmarks, or not assign them to begin with, if they believe you engage in “hate speech.” And, of course, if you’re espousing a viewpoint opposite of Twitter’s, you’re violating their hate speech policy.

Project Veritas’ President, James O’Keefe, has more than 366,000 Twitter followers. He’s famous for his undercover reports, like the one exposing Acorn staff aiding a pimp and an underage prostitute on how to game the system.  However, O’Keefe doesn’t have a blue checkmark.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has over 672,000 followers — but no blue checkmark.

By comparison, Gene Sperling, for example, — I know, you’re asking yourself, “who?” And that’s the point — is a writer for the Leftist rag, The Atlantic. He also has ties to both the Clintons and the Obamas. Sperling has a mere 18,000 followers, but he is Twitter verified.

Twitter will say they remove checkmarks if an account is deemed to have engaged in hate speech. However, Twitter is full of examples of radical Leftists who have threatened to kill President Trump but still have blue checkmarks next to their handle.

Another way Twitter will attempt to “downrank” an account — and thus putting fewer eyes on the user’s content — is by marking their tweets “sensitive.”

When you first sign up for Twitter, you have to go into settings and remove a sensitive tweet block in order to see these so-called “sensitive” posts. Anyone who doesn’t won’t be able to see tweets Twitter deems sensitive.

In fact, most of Maine First Media’s tweets are classified by Twitter as sensitive.

Here is a screen grab one of our readers sent us. You can see our two most recent tweets at the time were both marked “sensitive.”


What were the tweets?

One was for our investigative report about open-border Leftist planting seeds to move Muslim refugees to Aroostook County.

The other mocked snowflake Leftist for their outrage over President Trump rightfully calling Haiti a sh**hole.

Twitter isn’t the only social media platform silencing pro-Trump and conservative speech.

One of the engineers in the Project Veritas report mentions he knows Reddit engages in the same shadow banning practice.

Prager U is suing YouTube for the video-sharing company’s policy of removing their free-market videos. And Prager U isn’t alone, as YouTube staffers remove video-after-video of conservative content.

O’Keefe says this is the biggest censorship story of our time. And he may be correct. However are the national Fake News outlets covering this social media scandal?

Not at all!

And in fact, as O’Keef points out, Twitter even shadow banned Project Veritas’ story on shadow banning while denying they take part in shadow banning.

Irony is popular on Twitter — and that is about as ironic as it gets!

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