Sharia Insurance Now Offered in the UK

1/22/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Culture in the United Kingdom continues to change as the influx of Muslim immigrants grows.

Creeping Sharia is reporting a new company, InsureHalal has launched and will provide Muslim UK residents with sharia-compliant insurance.

The company will offer sharia-compliant home and landlord insurance.

What makes insurance sharia-compliant? Apparently certification from Mufti Muhammad Nurullah Shikder, and InsureHalal Chairman, Sheikh Salman Badr Al-Hasan.

Company officials say they’ll offer Mosque insurance and other products in the future.

While sharia-compliant insurance sounds innocuous on its face, this is the slippery slope. It starts with innocent sounding changes, pitched as being religiously friendly. Before long, Muslims will have a different set of sharia-based laws applying to them.

The company says they will donate portions of their profits to charitable causes. No word yet on which sharia and jihadist causes those will be.

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