Sen. Jeff “Snow” Flake Compares Our President to Censoring Communist Leader Stalin

1/15/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Time is running out for retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

He is not seeking re-election following his public in-fighting with President Donald Trump and his disapproval of the direction of the GOP.

Now Jeff “Snow” Flake is sending some parting shots to his archnemesis, President Trump.

Sen. Flake is comparing the President to Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union.

The comments came while discussing President Trump’s feud with the Mainstream Fake New Media.

Trump has called the media “the enemy of the people.”

Of course, the Fake News outlets have engaged in a constant witch hunt — filled with reporting rumors, speculation and straight lies — against the President since he first announced his candidacy.

Flake will further attack the President in a Senate floor speech Wednesday. Maine First Media can’t help but wonder if there are not more important things the Senate should be working on this week. Like perhaps granting school choice to American parents for their children, or funding the Great Wall of Trump, or perhaps cracking down on the supply of opioids. But Sen. Flake is choosing to use his remaining time throwing barbs at the President.

It is interesting Sen. Flake’s decided to make a comparison to a former communist Soviet leader. Unproven collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has been one of the biggest red herring attacks the mainstream news has used to harass the President since he beat their beloved Crooked Hillary Clinton for the Presidency.

In fact, it’s been Democrats and RINOs who have been linked to Russians in the investigation.

Fortunately, Flake isn’t long for the Senate. And just last week, America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio announced his intention to run for Flake’s open seat.

Conservative commentator, Michelle Malkin has suggested perhaps the shameful Senator “Snow” Flake is merely auditioning for a job in the media when his term expires.