Schumer Shutdown Showdown: Trump Holds Strong on Immigration Reform Demands

1/21/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

In a tactic straight out of the Art of the Deal, President Donald Trump has Democrats regretting their Government Shutdown strategy — as the President holds firm on his demands in exchange for a DACA deal.

New York Daily News is reporting Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Democrats have caved and are willing to support funding for a U.S. border wall in exchange for legalizing more than 800,000 DACA applicants.

However reports out of D.C. suggest President Trump has now declined the offer, demanding Democrats also include an end to Chain Migration rights and the Diversity Lottery.

Chain Migration allows legalized immigrants to bring over an unlimited amount of relatives. If Chain Migration isn’t ended as part of the DACA deal, the 800,000 estimate could easily quadruple.

The Diversity Lottery is a Schumer program that grants applicants who do not have a sponsor in the United States a chance to obtain a visa in a completely random lottery system. The Muslim terrorist who used a delivery truck to run over New Yorkers on a bike path this past November was in the United States thanks to Schumer’s Diversity Lottery.

Democrats have forced a government shutdown, refusing to vote on funding the government until all DACA applicants are legalized.

Republicans have a clean funding bill waiting for the donkeys. The House has passed the bill. However, the proposal stalled in the Senate after a 50-48 vote, with not a single Democrat voting to keep the government open. It will require 60 votes for the legislation to pass in the Senate. Although, President Trump has suggested Senate Majority Leader, Mitch “the Muppet” McConnell (R-KY) use the nuclear option, which would allow the bill to pass with a simple majority.

Democrats originally demanded a clean DACA legalization before they would vote to extend funding to the government. But it appears they’re beginning to cave.

However, for President Trump, funding for the Great Wall of Trump isn’t a good enough deal. He understands the importance of ending Chain Migration and the Diversity Lottery. Both are key elements of the Trump Administration’s plans to move toward merit-based immigration.

The ball is now back in the blue court. Democrats can either agree to the President’s terms and get their DACA legalization, or vote on a clean funding bill, re-open the government and continue negotiating the DACA deal separately.

Or, the third option. They can continue to shut down the government, showing their prioritization of 800,000 illegals ahead of the needs of more than 320 legal American citizens.

Maine First Media will continue to follow this developing story.

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