President Trump Presents Fake News Awards


1/17/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Roll out the red carpet, track down Melissa Rivers, the highly-anticipated day has finally arrived, it’s time for the Fake News Awards!

President Donald Trump announced the “winners” Wednesday night.

Ironically, the Fake News awards were announced the same day President Trump kicked CNN’s Jim Acosta out of the oval office for asking pointless and harassing questions.

The awards really were more of a “top ten moments of Fake News in 2017,” list with one honorable mention added at the end.

The President made the announcements via his famous Twitter account.

The New York Times topped the list, “winning” for Paul Krugman’s claim that the economy would never recover after President Trump’s election. However as Maine First Media has previously reported, the economy has produced one record high after another since the President took power.

Right behind the New York Times, was ABC and Brian Ross, for causing a tailspin in the stock market following Ross’ fake report on the President’s phony “ties” with Russia.

But the real “winner” of the day was CNN, with four false reports in the top ten!

Fake News story number 11 went to the entire “mainstream” news media for their endless Russia collusion witch hunt.

MSNBC did not make the countdown, however, no word on if it’s because other outlets were marketably worse, or if the President simply forgot the irrelevant cable news channel still exists.

You’ll find the full list, along with a top ten Trump achievements list by clicking here.