Pingree, King Continue Putting Illegals Ahead of Mainers During Schumer Shutdown

1/22/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Now two full days and counting into the Schumer Shutdown, Democrats continue to demand the legalization of 800,000 illegal immigrants before they’ll vote to fund the government.

The House passed a funding measure, but the bill stalled in the Senate.

To their credit, Rep. Bruce Poliquin and Sen. Susan Collins, both Republicans, did vote to fund the government without any DACA deals tied to the bill.

However, the same can not be said for the other half of Maine’s Congressional Delegation at the swamp of D.C.

Radical resister, Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-CD1) voted against the House Bill.

The following day, the Independent Senator Angus King — who caucuses and votes with Democrats — voted against funding the government.

Maine has 23,257 through the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP funding is suspended during the Schumer Shutdown.

Whereas, there are 105 DACA recipients in Maine.

Maine First Media reached out to Rep. Pingree’s opponent in the 2018 Midterms, Dr. Mark Holbrook. The Maine-First congressional candidate had plenty to say!

Below is Dr. Mark Holbrook’s response to Rep. Pingree’s vote for the Schumer Shutdown.

“Representative Pingree is the biggest hypocrite in American politics. In one of her quotes, she called the House version of the continuing resolution ‘inadequate and irresponsible.’ She crowed that the effort to keep our federal government operational while bipartisan discussions can continue working on the more contentious topics was nothing more than ‘kicking the can down the road.’ But the House Bill had Republican concessions in it for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and she still voted against it. 

Pingree wanted protections for illegal aliens over providing health care for Maine’s most vulnerable children. We know where her priorities are! Not with Maine citizens but with illegal aliens in hopes of increasing her voter base. The progressive liberals, a euphemism for socialists by the way, like Pingree, have abandoned the middle class in favor of supporting the wholesale importation of desperate, scared and destitute illegal aliens in hopes of expanding their voter base with appreciative minorities.

Pingree’s progressive liberals lost the middle-class voter years ago; they lost the black voter because of failed entitlement programs, deplorable school systems, and biased economic programs. In a desperate effort to find loyal voters they have turned their back on all Americans with the “open borders” concept of immigration.

Adding to her hypocrisy, Maine’s 1st district Representative said she wouldn’t vote for the bill because it lacked provisions to protect our environment. Huh. She has held a powerful position on the Appropriations Committee since 2011, and yet she has done NOTHING to help stem the flow of toxic sewage flooding Portland Harbor. Clam flats are closed, beaches occasionally have to close due to dangerously high levels of E.coli and salmonella; our lobster and fishing industries are threatened, and the public health risk is enormous. But she has ignored it all! If she is truly concerned about our environment, I’m Lady Gaga.

Fortunately, the House passed the Continuing Resolution bill despite our progressive liberal’s vote against it. But now, the Schumer shutdown is currently playing out in the Senate, and for the same reasons, Pingree had – demanding that more illegal aliens become voting Democrats. The progressive liberals are in a panic to expand their voting base, and they will do anything to undermine American values along the way.

The Senate has the House bill, a compromise that would continue the seamless operations of our federal government while giving them the time to thoughtfully negotiate their differences. Unfortunately, a compromise is not what they want. The progressive liberals want a crisis! That is their modus operandi; create a crisis to ratchet up the emotional and psychological pressure to get more of what they want. When that happens, the American people lose.”

  • you can count on me not to ever vote for you you like illegals more then us well why don’t you move to their country you like them so much
    we don’t need people like you

  • They continue to sell out the people of Maine to the WIND INDUSTRY as it tries to stuff wind turbines up out butts in the name of “saving the planet” and they really show their true color by putting ILLEGALS ahead of AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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