More than One-Million American Workers (And Counting) Receive Bonuses as Trump Economy Continues to Soar!

Art Credit: Terry Thompson

1/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Trump economy is soaring. And it is American workers reaping the rewards.

The Dow is having a run of hitting record highs.

Black unemployment is hitting an all-time low.

America is on pace for 6% growth in 2018, despite Leftists believing a magic wand would be needed to break the new normal of less than 3% growth.

Now American Tech companies are about to infuse the U.S. economy with hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars brought back from overseas.

Tech companies like Apple will bring back an estimated $400-Billion thanks to the Trump Tax cuts.

A cash infusion of that size and magnitude will have enormous direct and indirect benefits to not just the economy, but to the American worker.

But the most direct benefit of all may be the more than one million (and counting) American workers who will receive bonuses from their employers, thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts.

Most of these bonuses are around $1,000.

The most recent company to announce a huge bonus for employees is Jet Blue. The airline will be providing $1,000 bonuses to every one of the 21,000 who works for the company — except for the CEO and the Executive Vice President.

Many companies have also raised their wages due to the freedom and flexibility created by the Trump Tax Cuts.

Then there are companies like Boeing $100 million in charitable donations; $100 million for workforce development; $100 million for infrastructure and facilities.

In total, nearly 100 companies have announced, bonuses, wage hikes, 401k matches, charitable donations, or increased spending on employees — benefiting more than one million American workers!

And more announcements similar to the ones from Jet Blue, Boeing, Apple and others keep coming almost daily.

Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a comprehensive list of every company who has rewarded employees thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts. ATR’s list details what the company has done and how many employees will benefit. They’ve even added the press releases for many of the announcements.

Maine First Media highly recommends browsing the impressive list. ATR is updating it daily.

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