Mainers Paying the Price for Mass Immigration, Refugee Racket Expansion

1/3/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

As we ring in the new year, Maine is changing before our very eyes.

Open-border Leftists who complain Maine is too old and too white, are getting exactly what they want — an influx of diversity via illegal immigration, legal immigration, refugee resettlement and asylum seekers.

The Bangor Daily News recently wrote an article championing immigration as the solution to all that ails Maine.

They cite our aging population, problems in our traditional industries like forestry, and challenges in our classrooms.

Of course, according to the article’s author, Jordan LaBouff, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Maine in Orono, mass immigration is the magical cure-all.

In fact, LaBouff speculates adding more non-English speaking students will make native-born Mainers more desirable to employers.

But what will actually make our students succeed in the workforce is a top-notch education.

Currently, Maine is spending $19-Million annually (up from $7.9-Million in 2006) on teaching English as a second language. There are 5,349 English Language Learning students in Maine. That’s more than $3,500 per pupil/per school year, just for English lessons, not counting all the other education requirements of these non-English speaking students.

Maine First Media recently reported on the Biddeford School District doubling the number of English-As-A-Second-Language teachers. In salaries alone, not counting any benefits or bonuses, that’s nearly $500,000 on teachers who will only work with non-English speaking students. And that’s just one year, in one district.

Are there not better ways we could spend this money to benefit all Maine students?

Biddeford School District now has 200 students from 20 different foreign countries, speaking 22 different languages. Out of the 200, more than half (111) speak Arabic.

And this explosion of non-English speaking students isn’t exclusive to Biddeford.

The Lewiston Sun Journal recently published a puff piece “reporting” on the wonders of International Day at Lewiston High School. There are 34 different languages heard around the halls of Lewiston schools. There are about 1,700 English-As-A-Second-Language students throughout the district. That’s nearly 30% of the student body! Most of the ELL students in this district are coming from the South African country of Angola.

And Maine taxpayers from across the Pine Tree State are forced to fund this outbreak of “diversity.”

In fact, while the state only funds about 46% of a district’s expenses for English-speaking students — the state funds 100% of costs associated with ELL students. Yet another example of Maine students being forced to suffer in the name of diversity.

Meanwhile, 75% of students at Longley Elementary in Lewiston are minorities, mostly from immigrant families. 15 short years ago, only 15% of that same school was made up of minority students.

Do these statistics sound like they warrant a celebration?

Here’s another disturbing change in the past 15 years. Today, there are 50 schools in Maine with a student population with a smaller percentage of white students than the state’s population percentage. 15 years ago, that number was just 18 — more than doubling in in a decade and a half.  Five schools are now majority minority.

There is no problem with minority students if their families are from Maine, or if they’ve moved here from elsewhere in the country and their parents are legal, working citizens of the United States.

But that is not the case for the majority of the students we’re talking about. They’re from families of illegal immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. These are families talking jobs away from hardworking Maine men and women.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maine added 8,000 foreigners from 2000-2015. During that period, the number of African-born immigrants in Maine increased six-fold!

The Portland Press Herald will tell you the influx of immigrants adds a “richness” to Maine.

However, according to the Federation for American immigration reform, ILLEGAL immigration alone costs Mainers $41-Million each year.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies estimates the cost of each refugee in a state to be about $65,000. Last year Maine accepted approximately 1,600 new refugees. That’s a cost of roughly $104-Million to Maine taxpayers, just for last year’s “new Mainers.”

And those numbers don’t even account for the changes to our culture and the criminal element added to our state due to mass immigration and the Refugee Racket in Maine.

According to FBI data, in 2014, non-citizens accounted for 42% of all federal crimes in America.

We’ve also had ISIS terrorists living amongst us!

Maine’s Fake New Outlets celebrate the flood of foreigners into Maine. They paint a glowing picture full of puff-piece human-interest stories and friendly superlatives. But the truth is not all rainbows and butterflies.

Mass immigration is changing Maine indeed. It’s costing life-long Mainers jobs. It’s costing Maine taxpayers money. It’s costing Maine students a quality education. And it’s costing the sense of security in Maine neighborhoods.