Lewiston’s RINO Mayor Doubles Down on Refugee Racket

1/25/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The big news coming out of Lewiston’s City Council meeting Tuesday was not the two-week tabling of support for a new, million-dollar immigrant welcome center in Lewiston.

The big news was Mayor Shane Bouchard’s support of the Refugee Racket and more cheap, foreign labor for Lewiston.

The council tabled a proposal to formally support LD 1492, the million-dollar immigrant welcome center due to language changes to the legislation. It was merely a technicality, with most of the council fully backing the proposal. The motion will be reconsidered and likely passed at the council meeting on February 6th.

Mayor Bouchard stated he does not support the welcome center bill sponsored by Republican Senator Roger Katz of Kennebec and Democrat Jared Golden of Lewiston. However, he stressed at the end of the meeting, that while he doesn’t like this particular bill — he is fully committed to recruiting, training and teaching “new Mainers.”

“That’s not an objection to putting our ‘new Mainer’ population, and even some of our native population, to work and overcoming any of the barriers — whether that be poverty, English-language learning, any off those thing — those can all be done,” Mayor Bouchard said.

After saying he doesn’t support the Katz-Golden Welcome Center, the Mayor goes on for more than a minute and a half espousing the virtues of serving the immigrant and refugee community in Lewiston.

Maine First Media has provided a video at the top of the page featuring Mayor Bouchard’s full remarks from the meeting.

The issue was first brought up at the previous controversial council meeting, where the newly elected RINO Mayor Bouchard expressed his support for a report detailing various ways Lewiston could recruit and retain more foreign workers.

At that same meeting, Mayor Bouchard — who’s hasn’t even been on the job one full month yet — gaveled down Lewiston resident, and State House candidate, Jason Lavoie for suggesting Maine’s homeless veterans deserve higher priority than incoming refugees and immigrants, and for defending local shop owners routinely victimized by children of refugees stealing from their establishments.

RINO Bouchard closed his remarks at this week’s council meeting saying he’s all for free speech BUT then began lecturing Mainers on what they can and can not say, doubling-down on his actions from last week.

“When you use certain words in certain ways, it can be used to incite, it can be used to stir the pot,” Mayor Bouchard said.

Listen to Lavoie’s statement in the video below from last week’s council meeting. Ask yourself what are the “inciting” words he uses while standing up for veterans and small business owners in Lewiston.

Lavoie commented on Maine First Media’s Facebook page following our story last week.

“I see it and hear it from downtown merchants in Lewiston often,” Lavoie said. “There are many immigrant children that go in and rob them (the shop owners) blind. There are enough that do it to say that it’s not just a few bad apples.”

Lewiston Democrats have attempted to tar-and-feather Lavoie over his comments, painting him as a raving racist.

And they thanked Mayor Bouchard for gaveling down Lavoie.

Lewiston’s newly-elected Mayor says he’s against the million-dollar immigrant welcome center, while being fully committed to recruiting, training and teaching more foreigners. He says he’s in favor of free speech while gaveling down people with dissenting positions.

This is exactly the type of political double-speak that leads Mainers to call for the draining of the swamp.