Lewiston Mayor Endorses Calls for Recruiting More Foreign Workers, Gavels Down Resident Who Dared Disagree

1/18/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Lewiston’s brand-new Mayor is praising a report calling for more services for Refugees and recruitment of more, cheap, foreign labor.

Newly elected Republican Mayor, Shane Bouchard has only been in office for about two weeks, but his administration is already shrouded in controversy.

In fact, as Maine First Media will highlight later in this report — and as you can watch in the above video — Mayor Bouchard gaveled down a resident at the council workshop for speaking to the plight of homeless veterans and the struggles of local shop owners who are victims of theft by refugee teens.

The report suggests the Lewiston City Council should officially support pending legislation to force Mainers to pay for another so-called “new Mainers” resource center. The bill is sponsored by Democrat Rep. Jared Golden of Lewiston.

The report also recommends Lewiston join a group called Welcoming America. The open-borders organization is dedicated to flooding American towns and cities with a cheap-labor workforce, stealing jobs from Americans while changing American culture.

Additionally, the report calls for more access to affordable housing for refugees and immigrants. Interestingly, there is nothing in the report calling for affordable housing for struggling veterans.

While the report recommends attracting and creating more good-paying full-time jobs for all residents, not just the foreigners — the entire rest of the report is dedicated to the foreign community, leaving little doubt for whom those good-paying positions are intended.

And perhaps most disturbing, the report offers a call to action to recruit immigrants and refugees to run for elected office.

Mayor Bouchard endorsed the report calling it, “a great start that gives us some direction.”

And although as Mayor, Bouchard won’t be voting, he did request a resolution of support for Rep. Golden’s bill. The council will vote on the resolution next week.

While Bouchard and Lewiston’s City Council members are focused on making life better for immigrants and refugees, as well as bringing more of them to the city, it’s Mainers who are paying the price.

Maine First Media has previously reported on the incredibly high costs Mainers pay, both financially and culturally, due to the Refugee Racket and immigration. For example, the State spends $19-Million of your money teaching English as a second language to foreign students. Money that could be otherwise spent enhancing the quality of education for ALL students. And the amount is going up every new school year.


Lewiston has “tent cities” popping up like the one pictured. But the Mayor and City Council are more concerned with the needs of the cheap labor lobby.

Jason Lavoie — Republican House candidate for HD-61 challenging incumbent Democrat Hedi Brooks — attended the meeting and spoke against the report.

As you can see in the video posted at the top of this report, Lavoie makes the point that Lewiston has homeless veterans who could use assistance finding jobs. He also defends local shopkeepers who struggle as children of many Lewiston immigrants and Refugees continuously steal from their stores.

That’s when Mayor Bouchard lowered the hammer, gaveling down and dismissing Lavoie. Bouchard can be heard in the video telling Lavoie, “Jason, careful, please.”

Lewiston has a Republican mayor who is censoring speech that doesn’t reflect his open-border views.

Not exactly what Lewiston residents expected when they narrowly voted for Bouchard over Leftist Ben Chin in mid-December.