HOAX: Canadian Media, PM Fooled When Muslim Student Lies About Assault

1/15/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine Stream Media has been lured in by Fake News once again, and now Canadians are demanding an apology.

Yesterday it was reported that a Toronto man cut off the hijab of an 11-year-old Muslim girl while she was walking to school.

The media ran with the story and even Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau weighed in, saying this is not who Canadians are.

And he was right; it’s not who Canadians are. Because the incident never happened! Nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by a Muslim family against the people of Canada — people who warmly accepted the family into their country.

According to Toronto police, the sixth-grade girl — seen crying in the picture above as she conjures up the story — fabricated the entire tale.

In an attempt to encourage support of Sharia in Canada, the Fake News outlets and the PM spread the false narrative of this “hate crime” that never happened.

“I felt confused, scared, terrified,” the yarn-spinning Khawlah Noman said before being caught in her lie. “I screamed. The man just ran away. We followed this crowd of people to be safe. He came again. He continued cutting my hijab again.”

Independent journalist, Pamela Geller points out, that while the media stirs the pot of Islamophobia, the numbers betray the narrative.

In fact, according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, in 2010 (the most recent numbers we could find), more than 50% of religious-based hate crimes in Canada were against Jews, –while only 26% were against Muslims. Meanwhile, Muslims outnumber Jews in Canada by about three to one.

And that number is growing.

As the New York Times recently reported, Montreal alone has a backlog of nearly more than 40,000 illegal aliens they’re attempting to sift through their asylum and refugee programs.

Furthermore, more than 10,000 illegals seeking “asylum” have flooded into Quebec from the U.S. just since July.

It takes Canada’s Immigration and Refugee board a year to process just 24,000 applications. With the number of illegals in Canada continuing to grow, it could take years before the backlog is sorted.

The Calgary Sun points out that making a false allegation against someone to the police is a criminal offense and could carry a sentence of five years in prison.

And while no one is advocating the young girl be sent to prison, criminal charges should be considered for her mother Saima Samad, who accompanied her daughter while she made the criminal claims.

The Calgary Sun further suggests that at the very least, the Muslim family owes Canadians an apology for besmirching the character of the country.

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