HACKED: Maine First Media Returns After Hacking Attack

1/31/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Late Friday night, a hacker broke into the Maine First Media system and played some juvenile pranks.

The hacker posted a video from Anonymous. However, we do not know if the cyber attack actually came from Anonymous.

They also changed our background to a pornographic cartoon depicting an octopus engaging in sexual activities with women. Another picture was posted, this one was a doctored screenshot of former Newsweek writer, Kurt Eichenwald being interviewed on Fox News. The doctored picture was not flattering, to say the least.

Pictures of Keanu Reeves were also left behind.

In a true act of immaturity, the hacker changed several phrases on our page to language referring to transgenderism.

Maine First Media was able to clean up the disturbing images quickly. However, we delayed posting while we searched to make sure no Trojan Horses were left behind.

During the process, we ran into some technical difficulties, leading to our website going offline for a couple of days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the patience and support of our readers.

While we do not know the identity of the hacker, we have a pretty good idea of the motive for the stunt.

Maine First Media is providing Mainers with stories the Fake News outlets ignore. We expose Leftists on both side of the aisle for advancing their agenda at the expense of Mainers. We champion the cause of putting Mainers first.

When the Left can’t beat the message, they attempt to bully their opponents to silence.

Maine First Media will not be silenced. We will continue our work providing Mainers with investigative reports on issues you care about. We will continue covering stories Maine’s Fake News outlets choose to ignore. We will continue framing our reports form a Maine-first perspective.

We may have lost some ground following the attack, but we are back and not going anywhere!

Please join us in showing the PC, thought-police Gestapo that our voice cannot be silenced, by continuing to read and share our reports.