Collins, King, Pingree and Poliquin Unite to Condemn Trump’s Alleged “Sh**Hole” Comment

1/12/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Once again, Maine’s D.C. Delegation of swamp creatures has come together to condemn President Donald Trump.

President Trump is accused of calling Haiti and countries in Africa “sh**holes,” during a meeting about DACA. The alleged comment has triggered PC-thought police Leftist to run for their safe spaces while shouting, “racism!”

President Trump has said he spoke tough in the meeting, but that he’s been misquoted. He also said the DACA proposal brought to him was “outlandish.”

However, for the sake of argument, let’s assume he did say “sh**hole.”

Is anyone suggesting countries like Haiti, El Salvador and Somalia are vacation destinations?

No, they’re full of corruption, crime, violence and poverty. That’s why they flood into the United States. In fact, it’s one of the argument Leftists use to justify the Refugee Racket!

The reality is, in Haiti, residents literally eat mud pies.

And immigrants — both legal and illegal — are bringing their third-world ways to Maine communities like Lewiston and Auburn.

One would think the decline of Maine neighborhoods due to immigrant and refugee influence would bring our Congressional delegation together.

But instead, the four creatures of the swamp came together to call out our President for comments he denies even making. Comments that, if he did make them, are completely accurate.

Here’s what RINO Sen. Susan Collins had to say:

“These comments are highly inappropriate & out of bounds and could hurt efforts for a bipartisan immigration agreement,” Sen. Collins tweeted. “The President should not denigrate other countries.”

And her Senate colleague, the “Independent” who caucuses with Democrats, Sen. Angus King agrees:


Radical resister Rep. Chellie Pingree, of course, was outraged, releasing this statement:

And Bashful Bruce Poliquin, Republican Representative of Maine’s Second District took a swipe at our President as well:

“I am focused on policy,” Rep. Poliquin said. When it comes to immigration reform and securing our borders, we have urgent and serious needs to address and many critical policies to debate. The reported comments are not helpful.

That last time these four politicians came together was to oppose President Trump’s effort to create good paying jobs and lower energy costs for Mainers by expanding oil exploration and drilling.

It seems the President has a knack for bringing Maine’s swamp creatures together.

Their unison cries of condemnation are really no surprise.

What will be a surprise, is when any one of the four decides to put Mainers first for a change.

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