50,000 British Surgeries Canceled in UK’s Socialized Medicine Winter Crisis

1/6/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Ailing Brits will have to wait an extra month for needed surgeries.

Britain’s National Health Services has canceled 50,000 surgeries for at least a month.

The move is a response to “Third-World conditions” in British hospitals, as doctors report socialized medicine has thrown their medical system into a winter chaos.

Flu patients are facing 12-hour wait times.

Outpatient clinics are closing for weeks on end.

And some corridors are flat out of space for sick Brits.

In fact, 12 NHS trusts have declared a state of emergency as they’ve reached capacity.

And things are no better for emergency patients. One-in-eight patients rushed in via ambulance wait more than a half hour before receiving care.

The fact is, this isn’t the first time NHS has declined healthcare to British citizens. Previously they’ve banned surgeries for smokers and obese patients.

Britain’s socialized medicine scheme is the model Leftist American lawmakers wish to adopt.

The Debate over socialized medicine typical breaks down to the Left arguing “the right to healthcare” while the Right argues about the huge costs.

And it is true socialized medicine is unaffordable.

But the consequences to the quality of care Americans would suffer might be even worse.

Imagine having a needed surgery canceled at the last minute because the hospital is at capacity.

Imagine having to wait for 12-hours before being seen for the flu.

Imagine calling for an ambulance and being told none are available.

These are the costs Brits are suffering.

And these are the realities Leftist want to bring to America.

When you hear cries from Bernies Sanders worshipers of “Medicare for All,” when Leftists tell you “healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” ask yourself if Brits on waiting lists sounds like much of a privilege.

For more details on this story, click here for the full report from Townhall.

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