One Day Left: Momentum Favors Judge Moore

12/11/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Tomorrow, voters in Alabama will go to the polls and determine who is the next Senator from the Cotton State.

Republican Roy Moore is building momentum heading into the final days against Democrat Doug Jones.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Moore now leads the Real Clear Politics polling average by 3.8-points. And he’s now over 49%, his highest total in the final month before the election.

In fact, every poll in December has shown Judge Moore in the lead. Including the last five polls released in a row.

The trend lines show great momentum for Moore heading into Tuesday’s general election.

And there is more good news for Moore.

None of these polls fully factor in two significant events that have recently changed the campaign.

Late last week, the woman with the most serious allegations of sexual assault against Moore admitted forging documentation she claimed would prove of her underage relationship with Moore.

The Moore campaigned spent weeks, repeatedly requesting the accuser and her infamous lawyer, Gloria Allred turn over the yearbook “evidence” for examination. They decline. We now know why.

And President Donald Trump was in Alabama Friday for a huge rally where he encouraged his supporters to vote for Moore.

Tuesday’s contest is a special election. Special elections typically have lower than normal turnout. These types of turnout-elections are ripe for upsets because polling numbers often don’t reflect the intensity of support.

However, with the time winding down on the race, momentum is certainly in Moore’s favor.

If Jones is able to pull off the big upset Tuesday, it will bring the GOP majority in the Senate down to a mere 51-49. And with several RINOs actively working against President Trump’s America First agenda, the President, the Republicans and the country need every vote they can get.