Mainers Paying for Welfare Fraud Run Out of Halal Shop in Portland

12/18/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

A welfare scam has been running out of a Portland, Maine halal grocery store.

The scam took place at Ahram Halal Market.

Ali Ratib Daham has pled guilty to Food stamp and other welfare fraud — as well as money laundering.

Daham is being sentenced to at least a 33-month jail term and $1-Million in restitution. He could face deportation following the plea deal.

However, deportation rates in these cases are low and money obtained in these schemes are often shipped overseas — making the chances of Daham making full restitution highly unlikely.

The market sells meat that meets Sharia Law standards — meaning many of the customers involved in the food stamp fraud are likely Muslim.

For more details, click here to read the report from our friends at Refugee Resettlement Watch.