Maine Legislative Council Picks Political Correctness Over the Constitution

Photo Credit: Maine Public

12/29/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Maine’s Legislative Council is violating the Maine Constitution in the name of being politically correct.

Republican Rep. Richard Malaby of Hancock is sponsoring a bill that, if passed next legislative session, would change the terms “selectman” and “selectmen” to “selectperson” and “selectpersons,” when referring to municipality and county laws in Maine statutes.

However, Maine’s Constitution clearly dictates the second legislative session (even-year sessions) are for proposals from the Governor and emergency bills only.

“Emergency” is defined as: “…Only such measures as are immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety.”

It is difficult to imagine an argument where this politically-correct language change could be considered in the interest of public peace, health or safety.

However, that didn’t stop the legislative council from moving Rep. Malaby’s (R-Hancock) bill forward to the Committee on State and Local Government.

The legislative council is made up of 10 members, five Democrats and five Republicans. Five are from the House, while five are from the Senate. All represent so-called “leadership” positions.

It takes six votes from the council to move a bill forward to the second session.

Rep. Malaby’s bill received votes from all five Democrats on the council. But it was Republican Sen. Andre Cushing of Newport who cast the deciding vote.

The five Democrats joining Sen. Cushing in advancing this non-emergency bill were:

As Maine First Media previously reported, Sen. Cushing (R-Newport) also voted for two of the controversial Rep. Erin Herbig bills that also violate the Maine Constitution (one allegedly about empowering Maine’s rural economy and the other supposedly about expanding job opportunities. However, he voted for both without seeing any language in the bills, and Rep. Herbig doesn’t have the best track record regarding small-business issues).

Rep. Malaby’s PC, thought-police bill serves no purpose other than needless terminology changes aimed at furthering the Leftists’ false narrative of a supposed right-wing “war on women.”

Is that really worth violating the Maine Constitution for?

Sen. Cushing is no longer on the legislative council. He stepped down from his post as Assistant Senate Minority Leader just days after voting to move several questionable (at best) bills forward to next session. Sen. Cushing cited family commitments as his reason for leaving “leadership.”

He’s been replaced as Senate Majority Whip by Sen. Amy Volk (R-Scarborough).