Local Maine School District Disregarding English-Speaking Students

12/4/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Biddeford School District has doubled the number of English as a Second Language teachers to eight and have plans to expand the number to ten.

This, of course, comes at the expense of all English-speaking students. The resources required to hire ten teachers dedicated to students of foreign families, who can’t speak English could go to bring vocational training to the district or hire more regular teachers to make for a better student/teacher ratio.

But no, instead, the district is catering to non-Mainers.

Not only are these ELL (English Language Learners) teachers limited to only teaching non-English speaking students, but they must be trained in religious and cultural issues, all at the expense of hardworking Maine taxpayers.

Biddeford is being flooded with non-citizens.

The number of ELL students in Biddeford has DOUBLED in just the past two years alone.

The district now has 200 students from 20 different foreign countries, speaking 22 different languages. Out of the 200, more than half (111) speak Arabic.

The flood of refugees and illegal aliens — and the costs associated with catering to them — is hurting the students in Biddeford. Biddeford ranks 151st (out of 172) among Maine school districts. Biddeford School District received just a one-star rating (out of five) from SchoolDigger.com.

Not-so-coincidentally, their rating has dropped each of the two years since the boom in foreigners to the district truly began.

So obviously, the money spent on ten ELL teachers could be better spent elsewhere.

The story was first reported here, by the Portland Press Herald. Warning, the author constructed a puff-piece, telling the sob-stories of several students from non-citizen families. There isn’t a single mention from the opposing side. There is also no mention of how much this will cost district taxpayers or how the money could be otherwise spent.