Lewiston Maine Voters Reject Ben Chin’s Radical Agenda…Again

Photo Credit: PPH

12/13/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Republican Shane Bouchard has defeated Ben Chin in the race for Lewiston Mayor.

Bouchard won 51% to Chin’s 49%. 145 votes kept Chin and his radical, Leftist, Marxist Pedophile Authority (or the so-called, Maine People’s Alliance) agenda out of the mayor’s office.

Chin won the original election on Nov. 7th. However, he only tallied 42% of the vote, leading to yesterday’s runoff.

This is Chin’s second failed Lewiston mayoral bid. Two years ago, he lost to then sitting Mayor Bob Macdonald after Chin spent $90,000 on the race.

This race had been rather low-key until a string of leaked e-mails revealed what Chin thought of Lewiston voters, repeatedly calling them racist in communications with his campaign team.

Chin was also rocked when it was discovered a convicted pedophile was volunteering at Chin campaign events.

Democrat Ben Chin had been endorsed by Bernie Sanders and was campaigning on a socialist spending-spree in Lewiston, including home health care for all Mainers at taxpayer expense and $30-Million renovating downtown low-income rental properties. Chin made it clear in the campaign he valued the refugee committee in Lewiston more than he did the life-long Mainers in the city.

Having lost yet another bid for Mayor of Lewiston, Chin will now go back to focusing on his role as Political Engagement Director for the radical, Leftist, MPA.


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