Hundreds of Formerly Detained Refugees Coming to a City Near You!

12/17/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Nearly 200 refugees from Australian detainment are on their way to the United States and could end up in a city near you!

These are now Australian refugees. They are refugees from Muslim countries that aren’t on the Trump Travel Ban, like:

  • Afghanistan,
  • Pakistan,
  • Rohingya,
  • Burma,
  • Bangladesh,
  • And more.

And don’t expect to be taking in women and children. This next wave of refugee detainees from Australia will be mostly single men.

Many of these men will have been coming off long incarceration periods. And they will be walking the streets of America without any notification for Americans.

And as legal refugees, they will all be eligible for government benefits like:

  • Subsidized Housing,
  • Medicaid,
  • Food Stamps,
  • Free Schooling and English-As-A-Second-Language Learning.
  • And more.

President Donald Trump had criticized the Obama Administration for doing the exact same thing about a year ago. But now the Trump Administration is allowing these refugee detainees from Australia into the United States.

For more details on this story, click here to read the report from our friends at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

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