First Ever Muslim, Somali-Refugee Miss Maine Contestant “Doesn’t Trust White People”

12/8/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Leftist, Fake News outlets are falling over themselves in a race to talk about how brave and inspiring the first Muslim, Somali-refugee to enter the Miss Maine pageant is.

That “brave” young lady is Hamdia Ahmed. She is a 19-year-old student at the University of Southern Maine and is talked about by the Fake News “journalists” as one of Maine’s “best and brightest.”

But the name Hamdia Ahmed may sound familiar for other reasons. In a Maine First Media exclusive op-ed, written by New England Opportunity Project President, Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst), Ahmed is exposed as a white-hating bigot.

Ahmed has been in America for 12 years and is now a full-fledged, “social justice warrior,” preaching of the injustice of this country that has taken her in, provided her an excellent education and allows her to compete in beauty contests with her religious right to wear her hijab intact.

She uses her Twitter account to spew her contempt of white people and her adopted homeland:

Here’s an example:

“Your ancestors stole this land from Native Americans, and then enslaved a whole race.”

And another:

“I don’t trust white people. The system is literally always on their side no matter what they do to people of color.”

And then there was this beauty the night of July 3rd:

“F**k the 4th. F**k the flag. F**k the national anthem.”

But was this utter contempt reported on in any of the many stories covering Ahmed’s failed attempt to become Miss Maine?

Of course not!

Maine First Media has found example after example of puff pieces covering Ahmed’s entrance into a beauty contest as an inspirational feat of bravery.

Here are a few:

And Ahmed even started a GoFundMe page to pay for her way into the beauty competition. On her page, she talks about being a “social justice activist” who also wants to be a model.

Ahmed didn’t win the Miss Maine competition, but she received more coverage than any other contestant. She was propped up by the Leftist, Fake News outlets as a role model to be proud of. However, her history of white-hating social media rants paints a different story. A story of a refugee who is anything but grateful for the country and the citizens who have provided her the opportunity for a better life.