Convicted Pedophile Still Volunteering for Leftist Organization…This Time at an Elementary School

Photo Credit: Maine Examiner

12/14/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine Examiner is reporting that a convicted pedophile was at a Lewiston elementary school thanks to the Marxist Pedophile Authority (so-called Maine People’s Alliance).

A local resident sent in pictures of Doug Lane collecting signatures for a Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative at Longley Elementary School during the Lewiston Mayoral vote.

The signature drive was organized by MPA.

According to the Maine Examiner, a concerned resident recognized Lane from previous reports and snapped the picture. The Maine Examiner report includes quotes from the resident about how uncomfortable they were spotting Lane in an elementary school.

This is not MPA’s first time being caught working with the twice-convicted sexual predator. Maine First Media originally broke the story of Lane’s work for MPA back in May. The piece also outlines details of Lane’s conviction and his distrusting habit of targeting young boys online.

Democrat Ben Chin — the Leftist who lost the mayoral contest Tuesday — was called out for letting Lane volunteer at his campaign events. In response, the two-time failed mayoral candidate said he’d asked Lane to stop appearing at his campaign events. IF that request was actually made, it is interesting to see him at the polling location for Chin’s race on election day.

While not campaigning for office, Chin is the Political Engagement Director for MPA.

Lane is legally not allowed to enter a public or private elementary or middle school or any property that contains a child care center. Athletic fields, parks, and other recreational facilities are also banned

And it is worth noting that while Longley was seconding as a polling location Tuesday, it was still a school day.

Why is Ben Chin and the Marxist Pedophile Authority allowing a twice-convicted sexual predator to continuously volunteer for their Leftist causes? Are they really that hard up for volunteers?

Photo Credit: Maine Examiner


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