Author of “Gang of 8” Amnesty Bill Endorses Maine GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Sen. Marco Rubio tweets his endorsement of Rep. Ken Fredette for Governor of Maine, Wed, 12/27/17.

12/28/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Sen. Marco Rubio is endorsing Maine House Minority Leader Ken Fredette’s gubernatorial campaign.

Sen. Rubio (R-FL) tweeted out his support for Rep. Fredette (R-Newport) early Wednesday.

The endorsement should not come as much of a surprise, Rep. Fredette endorsed Sen. Rubio’s presidential run and was the Chairman of Sen. Rubio’s Maine campaign. Rep. Fredette even marched in a New Hampshire parade with then-candidate Rubio.

The two also share a belief of putting foreigners ahead of Mainers.

Sen. Rubio was the author of the infamous “Gang of 8” Amnesty bill. The bill would have granted amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the country and extend Chain Migration rights to the newly amnestied illegals.

Meanwhile, Rep. Fredette recently penned an op-ed praising the virtues of immigration.

“Legal immigrants are vital to the long-term economic vitality of our state,” Rep. Fredette wrote. “We are acutely aware of the workforce challenge facing Maine. Immigration can be an integral part of meeting economic work force demands. Many of these immigrants have college educations or skills our employers so desperately are seeking.”

Despite Rep. Fredette’s support, Sen. Rubio finished a distant fourth place in Maine’s GOP Presidential Primary, picking up less than 1,500 votes, only 8% of the votes cast.

Maine First Media previously asked Rep. Fredette if, as Governor, he’d vow to:

  • Defund Harboring Havens?
  • Cut off all Government benefits to non-citizens?
  • End the Refugee Resettlement program?
  • Mandate E-Verify?

It’s been weeks now, and still no response.

Rep. Fredette was also complicit in letting LD1652, a bill penalizing Harboring Havens, die a quiet death.

The House Minority Leader also twice voted for budgets providing benefits to non-citizens.

Furthermore, as Maine Frist Media previously reported, Rep. Fredette once threatened to have a conservative activist escorted out of the building when he asked the House Minority Leader to grow a spine and stand with New England Opportunity Project President, Rep. Larry Lockman, on the Harboring Havens bill.

You can read Sen. Rubio’s comments about Rep. Fredette in the pictured tweet.

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