What’s Missing From This “New Resident” Exhibit at the Portland International Jetport?

11/15/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,


Foreigners resettling in Maine are receiving a warm welcome at the Portland International Jetport.

As passengers arrive at the terminal, there is a cumbersome exhibition welcoming “new residents.”

As you can see, the exhibit celebrates all the various home nations of these “new residents.”

What’s missing?

Any “welcome” to new Mainers coming from other states within America!

Or how about a hearty “welcome home” to Mainers returning to the Pine Tree State.

Maine First Media contacted officials at the Portland International Jetport for comment, first Tuesday afternoon, and then again, Wenesday morning. We had yet to hear back from them at the time of this posting.

There are still many questions to be answered. How long do officials plan to leave the display up? Did any special government grants fund the display? Why no welcome for new Mainers coming from other states, or current Mainers returning home?

Of course, Portland International Jetport officials remain mum on the answers.

The exhibit is a clear indication of the priorities of Portland International Jetport officials. Roll out the red carpet for incoming foreigners, while pushing Mainers and other Americans off to the sides.

The municipality of Portland is a Harboring Haven (otherwise known as a Sanctuary City). Law enforcement officials and government agencies aren’t allowed to inquire about a suspect’s legal status.