Refocus on Vocational/Technical Careers Key to Putting Mainers First

11/20/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Maine and America both need a major refocus on how we educate our children.

One of the many areas of change needed is the constant push for “college-for-all.”

This national push suggesting everyone needs to graduate from college, dates back to the 70’s.

Not only has this several-decades-long focus on forcing college for everyone hurt many students who were set up to fail, but it’s also left a massive void in workers able to fill those trade and technical positions.

These jobs are now in high demand.

Open-border Leftist will call for those positions to be filled by “new Mainers” imported from other countries.

However, many of these trade and technical careers can pay very well without forcing applicants to be languishing in student loan debt. These positions should be reserved for Mainers.

According to the Georgetown Center, there are 30-Million jobs across the country that pay more than $55,000 salary, without requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Meanwhile, a new study by the National Center for Education Statistics, shows only 8% of college undergraduates are enrolled in certificate programs — which are often in technical or trade fields.

According to modeling company Emsi, more than half the workers in trade skill jobs are over 45 years of age. This means openings in these careers will continue to be on the rise for Mainers entering the workforce in the coming years.

One thing is clear, increased focus on vocational and technical education, along with training and transitioning assistance for careers in the new digital and robotic fields and easing the burdens and barriers-to-entry on self-proprietorships are keys to a Maine First Agenda that will prevent more Mainers from being left behind.

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