Note to Maine Sen. Chipman: You Work for Mainers!

11/17/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,


Maine State Senator Ben Chipman recently told a concerned Maine citizen, basically, to go away.

Civically engaged Mainer, James Mosher e-mailed Sen. Chipman and other legislators respectfully and politely urging them to vote to sustain Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of the Marijuana Bill (LD 1650).

The Democrat State Senator from Maine’s 27th District responded by demanding Mosher remove the Senator from Mosher’s mailing list!

Mosher’s response back to Sen. Chipman embodies the attitude conservatives need to win legislative battles.

“I am a taxpayer and Maine citizen; you work for me,” Mosher wrote. “Instead of requesting that I stop doing my job, how about you start doing yours, Mr. Chipman?”

Mosher also included this PDF document of a flowchart from showing legislators are supposed to answer to citizens.

Maine First Media reached out to Sen. Chipman for comment, but he has not replied as of the time of this posting.

For Mosher, being an engaged citizen is about fighting for a better future for his children.

“When an issue comes up that I believe will have major ramifications for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; like immigration, for example; I make it a point to do my research and then I light (figurative) fires,” Mosher said. “I am a husband, father, veteran, and taxpayer who is concerned first and foremost about the attacks on liberty. I have lived a great life. It is time now for my children to thoroughly enjoy theirs. I have found from experience, that while families like mine are diligently working, legislators are actively working against our will.”

The virtual “go away” response from Sen. Chipman is far from the first time a Leftist legislator has tried to ignore Mosher’s activism.

According to Mosher, there’s a long list of not-so-friendly responses he’s received from Maine lawmakers:

  • Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, Mark Eves, is notified by the Capitol Police every time Mosher and his four children show up at the capitol.
  • Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Ken Fredette, threatened to have Mosher escorted out of the building when he asked the House Minority Leader to grow a spine and stand with Rep. Larry Lockman on the Harboring Havens bill (LD 1652).
  • Supposedly “independent” Rep. James Campbell instructed the Sergeant-At-Arms to “throw his ass out of here” (referring to Mosher). Mosher and his children were in the House hallway holding signs related to the Harboring Havens bill.
  • Disgraced Democrat Rep. Scott Hamann sent Mosher an e-mail ordering him to “cease and desist” any contact earlier this year regarding the Ryan Tipping ethics scandal.
  • Democrat Rep. Andrew McLean sent Mosher an order to remove him from Mosher’s e-mail list following a note from Mosher about the budget fiasco.
  • Democrat Sen. Brownie Carson responded to Mosher with an e-mail saying, “please do not write to me again,” when Mosher urged legislators not to expand welfare benefits.

While it is unrealistic to expect every legislator to agree with every policy stance each Maine resident has, it is the job of legislators to listen to the comments and concerns of constituents when deliberating how they plan to vote on upcoming legislation.

It is disgraceful for any legislator to discourage an engaged citizen from taking part in political discourse directly impact his life and the life of his children.

Maine needs MORE citizens fighting to put Mainers First. Mosher and others like him should be applauded for taking their civic duties so seriously — not silenced and told to go away.

Fortunately, despite Sen. Chipman’s rude dismissal, Mosher has no intention of stopping or even slowing down his actions holding Maine lawmakers accountable.

“The negative response does not deter me from performing my due diligence,” Mosher said. “It is validation that I have struck a nerve and usually encourages me to double down.”

Mosher had one more message to Leftist politicians who try to silence citizens with opposing views:

“I perform my civic duty in an effort to model for my children how it is done,” Mosher said. “So, when legislators instruct me to stop, I think to myself, ‘Nah’!”