American Workers Foot the Bill for Congressional Predators’ Protection Slush Fund

11/16/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Fox News is reporting $15.2-Million in taxpayer funds was paid out in settlements to 235 people who claimed they were sexually harassed by federal lawmakers.

The settlement slush fund is meant to protect sitting legislators in the sewer of D.C. from public allegations of sexual impropriety.

But the special protection rules giving Congressman and Senators a “get out of jail free” card doesn’t stop with the slush fund.

A law that has been on the books for more than a decade provides congressional predators with even more protection.

The law makes it difficult to sue federal lawmakers for sexual misconduct. Accusers have to file a written statement 180 days from the time of the alleged incident. Then, they have to submit to 30 days of counseling and months of mediation.

Even more troubling, the lawmaker’s identity will remain confidential, even if he is found guilty.

Maine First Media believes there should be some protection against lives being ruined based on mere allegations of misconduct. However, using taxpayer dollars provided by hardworking Americans to settle sexual harassment cases is just wrong.

Furthermore, Maine First Media stands against protecting the identities of legislators found guilty. The victim at that point has the right to justice, and the constituents of the guilty party have the right to know of their lawmaker’s action.

This is just further evidence of the immediate and drastic need to drain the sewer of Washington D.C.

For more details, you can read the full story here.



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