Voice of Maine Democrats Says Maine’s White Population Is “Bad News”



By: John MacKenzie, Staff Reporter

Last night at a Maine People’s Alliance event in Lewiston, Mark Eves, a leading voice for the Maine Democrats, former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, and Democrat candidate for Governor, commented to the group of nearly one hundred activists and grassroots supporters that, “Maine’s whiteness is bad news”.

He went on to tell the group, “Maine is going to be in trouble if it can’t attract a more diverse population.”

In a time in our nation when racial rhetoric seems to be at an all time high, and political violence is being embraced by leftist militant groups like Antifa, why would Mr. Eves make such an “anti-white” comment?

Does he truly believe that the many hard-working Franco-American families in Maine are “bad news”?

What about the Irish-American?

Or the Italian-American?

Or is he simply lining up his rhetoric with the radical philosophy of the Maine People’s Alliance, a group which welcomed a child molester to its rank and file, and supports welfare for Islamist refugees.

In light of these disturbing comments, a few questions must by asked:

Will the Maine Democrats disavow Mr. Eves hateful comments?

Do the Maine Democrats still find the suicide rates among white males a matter humor instead of alarm?

Will the Maine GOP publicly oppose these remarks?

(Mr. Eves comments were first reported by the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal and can be read here )