Maine People’s Alliance Welcomes Convicted Child Molester at Protests and Events


By: Michelle Thompson, Staff Reporter

The Maine People’s Alliance paints itself as an non-profit organization out to help the poor and working families of Maine. They campaign on such issues as raising the minimum wage, welcoming refugees to Maine and universal health insurance. 

Scratch the surface of this group and the true nature of their organization appears.

A search of social media has revealed that Maine People’s Alliance has welcomed a child molester at its protests and events. These events had children present as well Democrat politicians and activists.

According to public record Douglas Lane of Lewiston was convicted of Gross Sexual Assault on two children under the age of fourteen on December 6th, 1999 in Androscoggin County Superior Court. 

Inkedlane mug_LI

On May 2nd, 2011 the Sun Journal of Lewiston listed Mr. Lane in a public notification of local sex offenders. 

And yet despite these very public bits of information being available with a simple search of Google, the leadership at Maine People’s Alliance have clearly welcomed Mr. Lane to their activities and protests and have even possibly paid him as an activist. 

This picture was taken on January 10th, 2017 at an event in Lewiston where MPA activists along side of Maine Democrat activists are protesting the nomination of Jeff Sessions to the office of United States Attorney General. Mr Lane is in the red baseball cap; he is joined by Nate LeClair the former organizer of the MPA, as well as long time progressive activist Andi Parkinson. 

lane 4

This picture was taken at a Refugee Solidarity Event in Lewiston on January 27th, 2017. Mr. Lane can be seen holding a candle and wearing a tan jacket. This event was co-hosted by the Maine People’s Alliance.

lane 3

This picture was taken at the Ben Chin for Lewiston Mayor Event on February 23rd, 2017. Notice Mr. Lane is standing a few feet behind Mr. Chin on the stage in a prominent position. 

lane 2

This is a picture from May 2nd, 2017. It shows Mr. Lane at the Maine People’s Alliance office.

lane 1

Equally disturbing to fact that the Maine People’s Alliance welcomes child molesters to their rank, is the social media account of Douglas Lane.

A brief search of the Facebook groups that interest him include; 

“Straight, bisexual and gay teen dating (ages 13-25)”

“Filipino Boys for Gay Men”

lane 6

“Horny Teens 10-19 only”

“Gay boyz between 15 and 25 years”

“Older Men + Young Boys = LOVE”


Sober questions must be asked in light of this information:

Is Douglas Lane a paid activist for the Maine People’s Alliance? 

Has Douglas Lane come in contact with any children at Maine People’s Alliance events? 

Why does the Maine People’s Alliance surround themselves with these types of individuals?

Should the police investigate the Maine People’s Alliance for welcoming a child molester among their ranks? 

Will the Maine Democrats immediately end their partnership with the Maine People’s Alliance? 

Why hasn’t the establishment media in Maine covered this story?

(Maine First Media would like to thank all the sources who helped to make this important report public. If you have a news tip, please feel free to send it to us.)