48% of Canadians Say Those Who Cross Border Illegally Should be Deported


By: Staff Reporter

Between March 8th and March 9th just over one thousand Canadians were polled by Reuters on the issue of illegal immigrants crossing the Canadian border and how they believe Prime Minister Justin Thrudeau is handling the issue of illegal border crossing. 

When asked the question “Hundreds of people, mainly from Africa but also from the Middle East, are crossing illegally into Canada from the United States because they say they fear President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants in America. What comes closer to your opinion?”, the results were 48% supported sending the migrants back to the U.S. while only 36% supported allowing those who crossed the border illegal to stay in Canada. 

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When asked the question, “Do you approve of the way that the Trudeau government is handling the issue of migrants crossing from the United States?”, the results were 46% Disagreeing and only 37% Agreeing.

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Canadians appeared to be just as concerned about illegal immigration as Americans are. Recent polling shows that 50% of Americans support increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants.

One of the most popular issues that helped President Donald Trump win in last November’s general election was the issue of deporting illegal immigrants in America and building a secure wall along America’s southern border.

The results of the polls can be viewed here: Canadians on illegal border crossing