What does the death of the TPP mean for Maine?

What does the death of the TPP mean for Maine?

By: Staff Writer

On his first Monday in office, President Trump will be fulfilling a major campaign promise by signing an order to withdraw America from the highly opposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

The TPP was a trade deal formulated by former President Obama, and called the “gold standard” by former Democratic Presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

With Paper Mills closing in Bucksport, East Millinocket, Jay, Lisbon Falls, Lincoln, Madison, Millinocket, Monmouth and Old Town during the Obama years, Trump’s actions are being welcomed as a platform of hope for good paying jobs to be restored and a sign that he is truly a President who will put America’s workers above the profit of a few globalists billionaires.

Many former employees of the closed paper mills voted for Trump in recent election. This is evident by Trump’s dominance in Maine’s 2nd Congregational District where he received 52% of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 41%. 

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