Two terror groups have links to refugee communities in Maine

Two terror groups have links to refugee communities in Maine

By: Staff Writer

There are those who wish to paint the picture that bringing refugees into Maine is the most civil and kind act that our communities can do. They have painted a narrative that welcoming large amounts of people from unstable and war-torn countries to Maine cities and towns is what “true Mainers” are about. They have tried to label those who have concerns about the influx of both vetted and un-vetted refugees into Maine as “racists” and “anti-Muslim”.

An objective view of the facts may give warrant to the concerns.  

Here are the facts:

Per reports from the State Department and FBI, since 2007 the refugee communities of Maine have been watched as possible recruitment sites for terror groups.

In September of 2013 gunmen from the Somali terror group al-Shabaab attacked the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya killing at least 62 people. Within hours of this terror act, al-Shabaab posted a list of the seventeen attackers, one of the attackers was a twenty-two-year-old man who was a refugee with connections to Portland, Maine.

In September of 2014, according to FBI reports,  Abdifatah Ahmed, a refugee with ties to Lewiston, flew to Syria and joined ISIS.

In August of 2015 Somali refugees Mohamud Mohamed, Osman Sheikh, and Abil Teshome brutally murdered Freddy Akoa in Portland, Maine. Reports indicate that extremist religion influenced these refugees to commit murder.

Most recently the FBI released documents that revealed Adnan Fazeli, an ISIS terrorist who was killed while fighting in Lebanon, received welfare for at least four years as a refugee while living in Maine.

An objective view shows that because terror groups such as al-Shabaab and ISIS have influence in the refugee communities in Maine, our towns and cities are less safe.

An objective view shows that while many Maine families are struggling, vetted and un-vetted refugees are receiving years of welfare benefits.

An objective view shows that there are organizations that are greatly profiting from bringing in both vetted and un-vetted refugees in Maine, and these organizations will be the topic of the next Maine First Media report.

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