Political Theater: Maine House Passes Toothless Female Genital Mutilation Ban

4/13/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

“It was a feel-good vote that I suppose will make it appear that they voted to ban FGM — they did not.”

Those are the words of Republican Rep. Karen Gerrish of Lebanon.

Rep. Gerrish was reacting to news out of the Coliseum on the Kennebec that the Maine State House passed a ban Thursday on Female Genital Mutilation in the Pine Tree State.

However, the bill passed in the House was nothing more than political theater — a show bill.

On Wednesday, the State Senate unanimously passed LD 1904, the strict FGM ban holding the mutilator, consenting parents/guardians and the transporters accountable for this barbaric form of child abuse.

That is not the bill the House passed.

First, the House brought forward one of the two minority reports from the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee — that the bill ‘ought not to pass.’ And the motion almost prevailed.

In fact, 65 swamp creatures — entirely made up of Democrats and independents — voted AGAINST banning FGM.

“Unfortunately, I am not surprised at all,” said Rep. Gerrish, the ranking Republican on the CJPS Committee. “What did surprise me was the unanimous support in the Senate, and I thank them for understanding the seriousness of the issue. I did find it remarkable that 65 House members, primarily Democrats, supported the ‘ought not to pass’ motion. I expected some to back that motion, but much less. I expected maybe 25 or so of the far-Left liberal Democrats to support killing the bill outright. But 65, wow.”

Failing to kill the bill outright, Democrat “leadership” next brought forward the second of the minority report from the CJPS Committee. This one being the controversial amended bill, removing penalties for all accomplices to the crime.

In addition, the bill was further amended to remove the word “mutilation,” from the definition of this so-called Female Genital Mutilation ban.

The watered-down, feckless ban passed with mostly party-line support, in a 73-68 tally. Not a single Republican voted for the toothless version of the ban.

Now the bill heads back to the Senate, where Senators will decide if they want to stick to the bill they passed unanimously, or accept the toothless House version.

Multiple sources at the Capitol tell Maine First Media they expect the Senate to insist on their own version of the bill. The proposed ban would then go back to the House for one last chance to come to an agreement. However, there is little optimism that will happen.

“Ultimately, I believe it will die between the two bodies in non-concurrence,” Rep. Gerrish said. “It’s a very sad state of affairs for young immigrant girls in Maine. Votes like this have consequences. November should be interesting.”
Republican Rep. Heather Sirocki — who has been the leading champion fighting for a ban on Female Genital Mutilation — was the first to bring to Maine First Media’s attention Thursday morning that our neighbors in New Hampshire had joined the ranks of states banning this brutal form of ritual child abuse.
“New Hampshire passed strong anti-FGM legislation this morning,” Rep. Sirocki said. “This is a huge victory as it’s the 27th state to step forward.”

Unfortunately, it’s not looking like Maine will be the 28th.
To fully understand why the ban is next-to-meaningless without holding accomplices accountable, we recommend you read Rep. Sirocki’s explanation in this previous Maine First Media article.
If you’re having a difficult time comprehending how any legislators could be against banning Female Genital Mutilation, the opposition has made their reasoning very clear. They fear offending the immigrant community and being labeled “racist.”
Female Genital Mutilation is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. In some cultures, the vulva is sewn shut, only to be ripped open on the woman’s wedding night.

The practice is designed to curb sexual desire in women.

Along with significant health risk to the young girls, women who suffer Female Genital Mutilation are left with life-long physical and emotional scarring.

To learn more about the horrific abuse, listen to FGM survivor, F.A. Cole’s testimony in front of the CJPS Committee. Cole fights through a panic attack to share her story with Maine Legislators in the hope it would save young daughters of Maine immigrants from suffering through the same terrifying experience.


  1. This is the left’s way of pretending to do something while intentionally doing nothing. There’s all those future dem votes in-utero in little hijabs after all. Unanimous in the Senate and down again in the House? People should be paying attention to this travesty.

  2. Thankfully, the state Senate has the intellect and fortitude to do the right thing. The House Democrats have almost achieved their goal of killing the bill completely so as not to offend the Muslim community. What?! It can only mean they are in favor of this barbaric practice whether it’s cultural or religious. Their minds have been poisoned by their Leftist ideology so much so that they will sacrifice children to achieve their twisted multicultural and globalist goals.

    There has been a federal law against FGM in place for 22+ years. The primary reason 27 states have passed their own laws is that there hasn’t been a single prosecution by the feds for this crime. A toothless state bill is meaningless except as a feel good measure. I’m hoping the public will see through their gutless preening and vote them out when they’re up for re-election. God knows, the ME swamp also needs to be drained.

  3. Not to be too drastic, but any legislator who votes against the ban should demonstrate their complete support of their position by having their daughters, wives and girlfriends (or both in many cases)…undergo the FMG process…especially if they feel it has any merit in our society….then see how the girls and women in their lives feel about it!

    Personally, anyone who opposes the ban does not deserve to be in a public office of any kind in our nation….Period! Perhaps they should emigrate to a muslim country where their support of the FMG will be more appreciated!

  4. Besides the obvious reason to prevent child abuse and that Rep. Sirocki’s bill should’ve been overwhelmingly supported by all members of the ME legislature, there is an underlying more insidious not so visible reason why the Dems failed to support it. It’s called STEALTH JIHAD (a.k.a. cultural or civilization jihad or creeping sharia).

    Whether one chooses to believe that the radical-Left is in bed with the Islamists is not up for debate. It’s only arguable as to what degree the Muslim Brotherhood front groups (CAIR, the MSA, ISNA, etc.) have infiltrated our institutions. The failure of this bill is just another blatant example of stealth jihad. Period. If it isn’t a wake up call for the general public, I can’t fathom what would be.

  5. The original Bill must be the one that passes. Banning it without penalties is absurd, as that won’t stop the mutilation, which should not be at all permissible! Senators – please support the original Bill which bans mutilation and presents repercussions to those who do it!

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