Red Flag Examples of Violent Crimes Committed by Somali Refugees

2/17/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

President Donald Trump’s temporary moratorium on refugees from 11 mostly Muslim countries has run out.

Now, Maine’s open-border Leftists who believe Maine is “too old and too white,” are free to actively continue their quest to import a cheap, foreign workforce.

Many of Mainer’s so-called “New Mainers” are coming from Somalia.

Leo Hohmann of has compiled a list of the Top 25 Most Disturbing Crimes Committed by Somali Refugees.

You can read the full list by clicking here.

The list should serve as a red flag as the state legislature redoubles its efforts to “recruit, educate and retain” more immigrants to Maine.


  1. Not on Hohmann’s list were the three Somalis, Abil Teshome, Oscan Sheikh and Mohamud Mohamed, who savagely beat Freddy Akoa to death in Portland, ME in August of 2015.

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