Merkel’s Immigration Problems Could Lead to German Snap Election

12/29/17, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Breitbart News is reporting some troubling news for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as nearly half of all Germans want her gone.

A new poll shows 47% of German want Chancellor Merkel to remove herself from office before Germany’s 2021 election.

Meanwhile, just over a third of Germans (36%) want Merkel to stay in office until the next election.

Her dismal polling numbers and inability to form a working coalition government since her re-election back in September could result in a snap election before 2021.

Merkel has witnessed a dramatic drop in her approval rating in Germany. Before the migrant crime crisis, Merkel enjoyed nearly 75% approval. The various terrorist plots by refugees and asylum seeks have also likely contributed to her decline.

You can read Breitbart’s full report by clicking here.

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